Mappen - WYD? App Reviews

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Were good

a smooth app that is a lot of fun although it takes long to open up. really good way to see what friends are up to.

Do not download

First of all, this app is dangerous. It should not have the age rating that it does. Second of all, if you get the app and then delete it, it will still spam you. This app is bad news.

Great app

This app is a great way to tag friends to meet up & plan events 5/5.


Love it

not working

i keep getting texts abt someone tagging me so i downloaded it and clicked get started and it won’t let me send the pin to my number. it’s just not letting me click the button i’ve tried everything.


This is a great way to make plans with your friends



It’s a shame you can’t rate an app 0/5

I got a text from this app, with my name in it, without having given them my name ever. I downloaded it on the off chance it was real, and big surprise, it wasn’t. Also, I looked through the reviews of this app to see if anyone else was having this issue. Lots of them were. But for a good portion of the negative reviews, the support team responds and basically says either that the issue never happened or tells them to revise their response to put the app in a better light. All in all, weird app with a support team that can’t take criticism and make their product better from it.


This app tricked me into added people who I thought already had the app. It tricks you and sends creepy texts to my contacts saying stuff like “Lindsey Tagged you in their location”. This is not a good app at all. I was speed adding people because I thought I already had all these people on mappen, when I ACCIDENTALLY ADDED MY FRICKEN PRINCIPLE! Like HELP HOW DO U UNDO THE INVITES!!! THIS IS SO BAD DO NOT GET!!!


I ❤️ mappen it is great when I am bored cause I can hang with my friends

Great App

Great App that helps you connect with friends. Good idea.



Perfect for my family

I introduced this app to my family and we always know what's the latest and where they are. Perfect.

Simple Yet Effective

Very easy to use and navigate. Was able to find people near who had similar interests in me. Looking to meet and have fun just because of this cool app!


Great app. Use personally for all my location needs, and specially good For when I need to do something with my friends. Would recommend.


I did not like it at all my friends where sending me screenshots of all the text messages they got it was so embarrassing because you did not even know that was goin to happen AND PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD IT.

Txting ppl that I didn’t authorize

My friends keep telling me that they keep getting text messages saying I “tagged” them. You didn’t fix the bug 🙄😒 WACK


It's the type of app where you make friends and know what they're up to, however the cool thing about this is that you can even contact them via wifi connections without service.


I like it. It’s really cool and it’s an easy way to see where your friends are

It keeps getting better

We are all new to location sharing apps. There has been a big learning curve for users and developers but Mappen is at the forefront of this very useful technology. Give it a try. Only invite people you know and you will see the full potential of Mappen.

Don’t get

This app tries way too hard to just get a download. Don’t even get it. I downloaded it because I got a text message that my friend had tagged me in it. I downloaded it but then did no further actions with it. Then I deleted it because I fail to come up for a reason when I will actually use it. Again do not buy.


I got an update saying that my friends were looking for me. I re downloaded the app and it had me friend a bunch of people who didn’t even have the app including my ex boyfriend. It turns out none of my friends have opened the app in a year and it was just trying to get me back on the app. So embarrassing and annoying


I deleted the app because of all the reasons Everyone else has said. But I still get texts from mappen. I told my friends to delete it because it is just a scam to get entire friend circles trapped. Mappen is the plague.

Not accurate on location

Horrible app. It’s 10-20 miles off most of the time


Just an idea, since you send messages to people to tell them someone Added them or a page opened and whatever else, when they click the link the contact should be added automatically, ive downloaded twice now from different links and still do not know who invited me or why i received the messages. I love the concept though


terrible. don’t download it’s incredibly creepy


Trying desperately to get out of that App!! I received an invite from a friend and got ducked into a very intrusive and useless App that won't let me go! Deleting the App does NOT take you out! Don't download!!


It’s great I just wish you could choose hours when people can track you


I deleted and I’m still getting notifications from people all over the country that I don’t know..... ughhh

Sick of the notifications

I don’t want this app have no desire and it keeps messaging me leave me the eff alone

Terrible app do NOT download

This is a terrible and creepy app


Don’t get this app, this tricks you to get it, I got like 5 texts from people telling me to get it so I figured I would, but it’s useless, I barely use it and half my friends don’t even use it, it’s just there, plus it tracks you and tells when your battery is low to other people, even if your not on it... overall I wouldn’t recommend, texting doesn’t hurt.

This app is means Business

This app is amazing it has helped me with so much. Like to plan bday party’s to plan going to friends and much more. Thank you so much Mappen. 😘😍😇😅😂🤣☺️😊😆😁😄😃😀🤩❤️

Texting me.

I am getting relentless text messages saying I have been complimented. This is disgusting business tactic


This app shows people where you are 24/7. I thought I had added friends that had the app and I added almost everyone in my contacts it sent them all a stupid text. The same text that made me think the app was cool. If it asks you when to use your location and you click “while in app” it won’t work. I suggest you don’t install. But if your up to being stalked go for it.


every single day i get texts left and right saying that i have gotten a new request to be in this app... turns out half of my friends don’t even have my contact and there name is there plus one of my friends DONT HAVE A PHONE i repeat they don’t sooooooo i don’t know but i am about to do something about this 😤

Don’t get it

Everyone.!!!! Don’t get it. It’s bad.


This app is useless and I’m pretty sure most of the reviews are fake , all 5 stars reviews sound generic . Why is this app even here

Deleted this app and still received texts.

This app is invasive and disturbing. I deleted it and still I am receiving texts. Don’t download.

Love this app!

Great app, I love it!

Horrible don’t download

This thing tracks you everywhere you go unless you put it offline. It doesn’t let you go offline for more than a day unless you turn it on. It also “tagged my friends so I got like 100 texts the moment I downloaded it. It also goes through all your contacts. Don’t download. This app stalks you every second

Don’t do it

I downloaded and started to use this app but then decided I wasn’t a fan. I tried to delete myself from it but obviously it didn’t take because I still get texts asking me to add people. Just stop where you are and walk away from this one they don’t appreciate your privacy. The worst.


I just got this app and it brings friendships closer! One piece of advice is bit to add anyone you don’t know. But I love this app.


This is the dumbest app I’ve ever seen. Like I don’t like almost everyone I know so why on earth would I wanna meet up???? Oh yeah I don’t! Stop sending me text invitations!!

Please STOP

I keep getting text messages saying I invited friends to Mappen. I do not have this app on my phone!! I am not inviting anyone!!

Pls don’t download if you would like you’re privacy secured

This app just is so creepy I my opinion I have no resin to dislike this app just don’t get it unless you’re ok with everyone know where you are for the rest of you’re life / or as long as you have this app


so i got this bc my friend recommended it and so i got it and it was okay… until i realized THEY CAN SEE WHERE I AM. so i deleted it like a month ago and since then i think i’ve gotten like 15 messages “ NAME requested to be your friend on mappen. i’m worried that kids will get on this and let random people be their friends. i don’t like this app.


what are the numbers next to your username?


i deleted the app but it keeps sending me texts saying “update your status” how do i stop this?


Don’t get this app why would u want an app to constantly know where you are what your doing at all times even if ur not on the app I do not recommend getting this app at all if it was possible I would rate this app anegative zero

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