Mappen - WYD? App Anmeldelser

This app is so cool and it is awesome

Because you can see where your friends are and you can call them on it

Add something

You should add a Pandora logo!!!

Deleted application

I deleted the application months ago and still I get invitation from folks I don’t know. The invitation ask me to download the application from iTunes. Are you guys tracking me? You better not.


i’m shook tbh


I keep receiving text messages from unknown people even after months of deleting this app.

App tags you without your permission

Got multiple notifications that I had been tagged by people in locations i was not in doing things that i was not doing. They don’t have to verify anything to do so. Great app for people who want to pose as fake people and create the charade of being with people that they are not. Total invasion of privacy and helps promote impersonation and fake profiles


You should be able to post pictures that other people could see

Setting it up

I couldn’t even get past the phone number because it didn’t have my area code, I looked up everything I could but could not find it, I do not even think it is in the app

Don’t get this app

This app is where bad people come to do bad thing I’m not going to go in details because of little kids who could see this

Great app

Helps me find where my husband is so we can meet for lunch downtown occasionally. I like how easy it is to use


The best

Super useful!!

Mappen is a great way for me and my friends to stay connected! I love the features where you can ask them what they are doing with one simple button!! Helps me know where my friends are and alerts me when they’re near me! It’s super convenient to have messaging, maps, and friends all in one place!


This app is simply brilliant. I can see what my friends are up to and where they are.

Cool app!!

This app is so cool!! I love being able to see what my friends are up to & comment on their statuses!! 9/10 would recommend

Mappen increase my time with people I love

Time with friends and family makes me happier. Too much Screen time bums me out. Mappen isn’t a destination, but a tool to connect with my favorite people and places. So many times I have used Mappen to have IRL experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If you don’t spend time with someone, don’t swipe right on them. This is a personal logistics tool to make it easier to connect with family and friends. Only use to connect with anyone you are very good friends with.


People have been getting kidnapped over this app. It shows your location and anyone can see where you are. Think about it before you get this app you may be tracked by someone.


I read the reviews after I downloaded it. It’s 4:23 rn and I swear this better have not sent texts to several ppl. I just wanted to find out who tried to add me. It doesn’t even say. And I’m afraid to add anyone because I don’t want it sending out texts EDIT: after using the app for a while I see now that your rite! Thanks for the reply.

Awesome App!

I highly recommend this app. It’s a great resource to use to either sync up with your friends, find a new restaurant, or see what’s going on around you. A cool feature is that when you are near favorite spots of your friends you can actually go in and see what they liked and where and go and try it yourself!



Aaaawesome App!

This is my new go-to app for weekend planning. It’s my new favorite way to find out what’s going down and make plans with friends. It’s like Find My Friends, but way better. I love how it tells me when friends are close by and when I’m near their favorite places—it definitely validates plans I’m making when people I know recommend these places.

Love this app!

This is a GREAT app. It took me a little while to figure out how to add my friends individually, and thanks to the first negative review I saw when I opened it, i didn’t add all my contacts, but now that I’ve figured it out (and it really is quite intuitive!), it’s amazing! I can tell in a glance where my children are, where my spouse and business associates are, and the app makes it easy for all of us to agree on a place to get together. I wish it had a messenger on it to be able to just chat from within the app, but I’m sure that will come soon. Thanks Mappen team. Great idea!!

Cool app

This app is very cool and unique. It lets you know what all your online friends are up to and doing in the area. This app could change the way people make friends online. Cool app!


Really interesting! Is currently testing.

Great app

Super useful social networking app. Always nice to have another way to connect with friends and stay busy!

Were good

a smooth app that is a lot of fun although it takes long to open up. really good way to see what friends are up to.

Do not download

First of all, this app is dangerous. It should not have the age rating that it does. Second of all, if you get the app and then delete it, it will still spam you. This app is bad news.

Great app

This app is a great way to tag friends to meet up & plan events 5/5.


Love it

not working

i keep getting texts abt someone tagging me so i downloaded it and clicked get started and it won’t let me send the pin to my number. it’s just not letting me click the button i’ve tried everything.


This is a great way to make plans with your friends



It’s a shame you can’t rate an app 0/5

I got a text from this app, with my name in it, without having given them my name ever. I downloaded it on the off chance it was real, and big surprise, it wasn’t. Also, I looked through the reviews of this app to see if anyone else was having this issue. Lots of them were. But for a good portion of the negative reviews, the support team responds and basically says either that the issue never happened or tells them to revise their response to put the app in a better light. All in all, weird app with a support team that can’t take criticism and make their product better from it.


This app tricked me into added people who I thought already had the app. It tricks you and sends creepy texts to my contacts saying stuff like “Lindsey Tagged you in their location”. This is not a good app at all. I was speed adding people because I thought I already had all these people on mappen, when I ACCIDENTALLY ADDED MY FRICKEN PRINCIPLE! Like HELP HOW DO U UNDO THE INVITES!!! THIS IS SO BAD DO NOT GET!!!


I ❤️ mappen it is great when I am bored cause I can hang with my friends

Great App

Great App that helps you connect with friends. Good idea.



Perfect for my family

I introduced this app to my family and we always know what's the latest and where they are. Perfect.

Simple Yet Effective

Very easy to use and navigate. Was able to find people near who had similar interests in me. Looking to meet and have fun just because of this cool app!


Great app. Use personally for all my location needs, and specially good For when I need to do something with my friends. Would recommend.


I did not like it at all my friends where sending me screenshots of all the text messages they got it was so embarrassing because you did not even know that was goin to happen AND PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD IT.

Txting ppl that I didn’t authorize

My friends keep telling me that they keep getting text messages saying I “tagged” them. You didn’t fix the bug 🙄😒 WACK


It's the type of app where you make friends and know what they're up to, however the cool thing about this is that you can even contact them via wifi connections without service.

This game is not worth it👿

One of my friends sent me a friend request on the app, so I thought I would check it out. Once I downloaded the app I started adding some of my friends, but I didn’t really feel comfortable letting my friends know my location 24/7 so I deleted it, but I’m getting text saying that random people have excepted my friend request when I didn’t add them. I want to know if it will still show my location even though I deleted it because I hope it doesn’t. If you are looking to get this app please don’t it’s not worth it.


I like it. It’s really cool and it’s an easy way to see where your friends are

Don’t get

This app tries way too hard to just get a download. Don’t even get it. I downloaded it because I got a text message that my friend had tagged me in it. I downloaded it but then did no further actions with it. Then I deleted it because I fail to come up for a reason when I will actually use it. Again do not buy.


I got an update saying that my friends were looking for me. I re downloaded the app and it had me friend a bunch of people who didn’t even have the app including my ex boyfriend. It turns out none of my friends have opened the app in a year and it was just trying to get me back on the app. So embarrassing and annoying


I deleted the app because of all the reasons Everyone else has said. But I still get texts from mappen. I told my friends to delete it because it is just a scam to get entire friend circles trapped. Mappen is the plague.

Not accurate on location

Horrible app. It’s 10-20 miles off most of the time


Just an idea, since you send messages to people to tell them someone Added them or a page opened and whatever else, when they click the link the contact should be added automatically, ive downloaded twice now from different links and still do not know who invited me or why i received the messages. I love the concept though

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